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Entry #2

Need you guys to answer a question

2013-08-07 12:56:44 by catsclaw

So I need to know which one I should make... or make first.

Game with demons, monsters, supernatural type.

Game with mutants, badguy humans, sorta sci-fi style.

Both styles will be much different than expected.


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2013-08-07 16:54:40

OH S*** decisions WHY ME!!!


2013-08-07 17:10:56

Both of those are so vague and could look the same depending on the themes you go with haha. I say make a game where you force people to chug pop till they puke doors for points!


2013-08-07 17:33:05

If you are asking me to choose between the two, I would go for sci-fi.

That being said... if the supernatural line is blurred so bad that you can't even tell which is which anymore (best example for this is Shadow Hearts), I ain't playing.